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Good Advice On How To Write An Excellent Research Paper In Economics

If you are studying economics at college or university level, you need to step up your game in order to be prepared for producing a stellar research paper. This is because unlike many other disciplines, economics require a deep understanding of economic theories as well as depth in mathematics. Therefore, you need to keep in mind the basics while writing. As a basic rule, your dissertation should be free of grammatical errors, incoherence and journalistic tone and style. Here are few more tips.

Use first person carefully

If you study the study papers written by noted economists, you would notice that they use first person sparingly and carefully. Therefore, you should ‘I’ or first person singular number when you feel confident about using it, or when you really need to use it. The rule applies to usage of first person plural number as well. For example, if you are presenting an idea, you might start with a similar phrase like ‘we will discuss here XYZ topic’. On the other hand, if you are explaining how you collected the statistical data, you can start your sentence with ‘I collected the data from ABC source’.

Do not use hyperboles

Do not use verbs and adjectives that sound too dramatic. For example, if you use an adjective like ‘unprecedented’ to describe the economic growth of a specific region, you need to support your statement with some authentic data. Students of economics who use too many hyperboles also fail to get high score in exams. This is because your examiner would like to know the facts.

Include non-economic terms and generic terms in introduction and conclusion

Do not use too many non-economic terms in the main body of the article. Instead, try using them in the introduction and in the conclusion. On the other hand, keep using economic terms and jargons throughout the body because these are the terms that would prove your knowledge in economics. However, do not include too much of social or political implications of economic policies in your research paper as this will result in deduction of marks.

As a final point, cite your sources properly and also follow the style and format you have been asked to follow. This is because your examiners would like to see a clean college essay with proper formatting and with complete adherence to the style guidelines and specifications. Do not try to break the rules.


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