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Useful Tips on Your AP US History Exam

Getting ready for AP US history exams or testing includes asking questions, taking notes, and doing last minute studying. Before taking a test or exam it is important to review materials carefully and ask questions for clarification. It is the perfect time to review areas of the subject that are considered your weaknesses. Spend more time gaining insight on topics that may pose as a challenge during test taking. To ensure you get the best grade possible, there are a few actions you can take to help make the test taking process a little easier.

Use Homework Papers to Study for AP US History Exam

Many exams in any subject often cover content that was previously assigned as a homework assignment sometime during the semester. If you have a record of previous assignments completed now is a good time to pull them out and start reviewing the content. Some instructors may give students a preview of what is on the AP US history exam. You may find certain papers with information including what topics will appear on the exam. Take note of these details and start reviewing the materials before the test. You may want to write down or highlight content from your homework that includes content you know will be on the test to get your studying off to a good start.

Get Plenty of Rest before Taking Your AP US History Test

While many students hate taking tests, including one on AP United States history, it is important to get plenty of rest the night before to help you concentrate. It is common for students to be nervous before taking a test and getting plenty of rest may help you relax. It may help to get to bed early for a few days before taking your test. While it may help you be rested it may also help with retaining information and encourage thinking clearly during the exam. Try to avoid staying up too late and reduce the amount of time spent on electronics. It may also help to watch what you eat before going to bed and eat a good breakfast before your test.

Review Written Notes before Taking Your AP History Exam

Many AP American history teachers may require students to take notes during lectures. Sometimes instructors give extra credit to anyone who keeps notes throughout the semester if they are not required to write them. Use what you have written as a study guide for test preparation. Take notes if the instructor is reviewing the test or exam materials in class. Sometimes the review information appears word for word on the test. Plus, you’ll have an advantage if you are allowed to use written notes when taking your test. Even if you’re not able to use written notes during the test, writing them beforehand may help you remember details that appear on the exam.

Prep for US History Exam by Asking Questions

When a subject is considered a weak spot for your academic grades it important to take advantage of getting answers before taking your US history exam. If you are not sure about information about a topic or time period, now is the time to get clarification. Reviewing information you are not sure about may help you do better on the test. It may provide better understanding of how to present details or answer questions on the test. Any questions you ask take notes by writing them down along with the answers or additional information you learned from asking. You never know the advantage you may give yourself by simply asking a question.

Getting ready to take any test or exam on AP US history includes using your time wisely to prepare in advance. You can use previous homework papers as study guides along with any written notes you took during classroom time or lectures. Talk to your instructor about content that will appear on the test, especially if it is related to topics you may not have performed well on during the semester. Get to bed early the night before the test and get your notes ready to use as a guide right before taking the exam.


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